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CryptoForge is a suite of encryption and privacy tools for personal and professional security. It allows you to protect the privacy of your sensitive files and messages by encrypting (enciphering) them with strong cryptographic algorithms. Once the information has been encrypted, it can be stored on insecure media or transmitted on an insecure network (like the Internet), and still remain secret. Later, the information can be decrypted (deciphered) into its original form.

CryptoForge integrates the best cryptography available today into the Windows environment. It is based on strong encryption algorithms: 448-bit Blowfish, 256-bit Rijndael (AES, American Encryption Standard), 168-bit TripleDES and 256-bit Gost. Unique features include multiple encryption, filename encryption, cipher speed test, and built-in compression.

It consists of four main modules that offer individual functionality:

  • CryptoForge Files
  • CryptoForge Decrypter
  • CryptoForge Text
  • CryptoForge Updater
  • CryptoForge has no back doors or escrow keys -there is absolutely no way of decrypting information without the correct password- so be careful not to forget your password.


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    : CryptoForge 5.3.0

    : CryptoForge.exe

    : 7.8 MB

    : Commercial Trial

    : 11-Oct-2018


    : EC3C89B38ACBDA6257C0AE3FB74BB33C

    : Win7 32-bit / Win7 64-bit / Win8 32-bit / Win8 64-bit / Vista 32-bit / Vista 64-bit

    Introduces free Decrypter app, which allows the decryption of files on any computer without CryptoForge installed.
    Decrypter is free, portable, tiny, and consists of a single exe file. You can now send encrypted files by email to business partners or contacts who don't have encryption software installed. Or you can also use Decrypter yourself to decrypt files on any computer while you are on the go, and even run the app from a USB memory stick.
    This new release of our encryption software also includes improvements for security and reliability, and a few bug fixes.

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