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The Comodo Internet Security is a suite of internet security products to enhance protection of the system that runs on various platforms including: personal computers, Andriod mobile phones, Linux and Mac OS.

The internet security suite of products comprises of a cloud-based antivirus and anti-spyware software, an anti-rootkit and bot protection feature, an auto sandbox feature, a spyware scanning feature, a host-based intrusion prevention system, a memory firewall feature, and an online storage and backup feature.

The cloud-based antivirus and anti-spyware security products destroy the malware and the virus infection intruding the system. While the anti-rootkit scans, detects, and removes the rootkits, the bot protection feature prevents the malware programs turning into a zombie on the system. The auto sandbox feature stores the unknown files into a separate sandbox to prevent the damage caused by the files. Further, the internet security products prevent buffer overflow attacks by enabling memory firewall protection.

In addition to the above protection supported by the product, the internet security product enables the internet access protection for the Wi-Fi hotspots. Through the secured Wi-Fi hotspots, the browsers are facilitated with secure shopping. Further, the emails and attachments that enter the system are protected by the product through encryption, and the malware along with the unwanted processes that can affect the system can be removed by the cleaning essentials.


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: Comodo Internet Security

: cispremium_only_installer.exe

: 69.2 MB

: Freeware

: 30-Aug-2017


: 742988AF4BC1812E94FF3466C270F354

: Vista 32-bit / Vista 64-bit / Win7 32-bit / Win7 64-bit / Win8 32-bit / Win8 64-bit

> Fix:
- We have been reviewing Windows preview builds and came across crash in Edge browser in one of Insider Preview builds as pointed here. These changes in Windows 10 could go into RS3 release, which could happen any time mid September, 2017 onwards.
- Crash in Excel in certain scenarios.
> Changes:
- If CIS is updated, it will also update Internet Security Essentials(ISE) to latest v94 in case installed in system.
- When you install CIS a fresh, Secure Shopping section in it will not have default websites list. You can always configure a new website and will be alerted. At the moment we do not have remember choice option in those alerts and thus was inconvenient.

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