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Wireshark is the world's foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer. It lets you see what's happening on your network at a microscopic level and is the de facto (and often de jure) standard across many commercial and non-profit enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions.


  • Deep inspection of hundreds of protocols, with more being added all the time
  • Live capture and offline analysis
  • Standard three-pane packet browser
  • Multi-platform: Runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and many others
  • Captured network data can be browsed via a GUI, or via the TTY-mode TShark utility
  • The most powerful display filters in the industry
  • Rich VoIP analysis
  • Read/write many different capture file formats
  • Capture files compressed with gzip can be decompressed on the fly
  • Live data can be read from Ethernet, IEEE 802.11, PPP/HDLC, ATM, Bluetooth, USB, Token Ring, Frame Relay, FDDI, and others (depending on your platform)
  • Decryption support for many protocols, including IPsec, ISAKMP, Kerberos, SNMPv3, SSL/TLS, WEP, and WPA/WPA2
  • Coloring rules can be applied to the packet list for quick, intuitive analysis
  • Output can be exported to XML, PostScript, CSV, or plain text
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    : Wireshark 2.4.1

    : Wireshark-win32-2.4.1.exe

    : 51.1 MB

    : Open Source

    : 30-Aug-2017

    : www.wireshark.org

    : A92AAF6ECBD4EDAA21C5764A49001286

    : Win7 32-bit / Win7 64-bit / Win8 32-bit / Win8 64-bit / Vista 32-bit / Vista 64-bit

    > The following bugs have been fixed:
    - MSDP dissector infinite loop
    - Profinet I/O buffer overrun
    - Modbus dissector crash
    - IrCOMM dissector buffer overrun
    - Incorrect presentation of Ascend-Data-Filter (RADIUS attribute 242).
    - Confusing "Apply a display filter " keyboard shortcut. (Bug 12450)
    - Wireshark crashes at startup if it needs to display a dialog early in the startup process.
    - RADIUS dictionary: BEGIN-VENDOR does not support format=Extended-Vendor-Specific-\*.
    - Dumpcap on big-endian machines writes out corrupt, unreadable Enhanced Packet Blocks.
    - Interface Toolbar support for Windows.
    - Wireshark should behave better on high resolution displays on Windows.
    - Udpdump.pod missing from build.
    - RTP Player Format Error.
    - VNC Protocol disector : Framebuffer Updates.
    - DNS LOC RRs with out-of-range longitude or latitude aren’t shown as errors.
    - DIS Dissector Entity Appearance Record displayed in wrong location.
    - Win64 CMake bug - (CYGWIN_INSTALL_PATH redefinition) causing missing packages when using CMake 3.9.0.
    - APL records parsed incorrectly for IPv4 prefixes.
    - File→Merge dialog doesn’t show all options. Resizing doesn’t help.
    - TCAP SRT Analysis incorrectly matched TCAP begins and ends.
    - Error in MKA Distributed SAK parameter set dissection.
    - E.212: Check length before trying 3-digits MNC.
    - mpeg_descriptor: AC3 System A: Respect descriptor length.
    - Crash in Wireshark using Dumper:dump() from Lua.
    - MRCPv2 not decoded correctly.
    - UDP Checksum verification not working for 0x0000 checksum.
    - OSPF v3 LSA Type not well parsed.
    - GTPv2 - decoding issue for Packet Flow ID (type 123).
    - TRANSUM fails to calculate RTE figures for DCE-RPC where request Packet Type is zero.
    - BTLE Hop and SCA fields incorrectly dissected in BLE CONNECT_REQ.
    - [oss-fuzz] BGP memleak: ASAN: 276 byte(s) leaked in 5 allocation(s).
    - Some Infiniband Connect Req fields are not decoded correctly.
    - GTP: gtp.ext_comm_flags_II_pmtsmi bit not decoded correctly.
    - InfiniBand: sIP and dIP inside IP CM Private Data are decoded in the wrong order.
    - 802.11 wlan.ft.subelem.r0kh_id should be sequence of bytes.
    - USB capture: Unrecognized libpcap format or not libpcap data.
    - SQ Header Pointer in NVMoF response capsule is decoded with the wrong endian.
    > Updated Protocol Support
    - BGP, BT LE, DIS, DNS, E.212, EPL, GTP, GTPv2, IEEE 802.11, InfiniBand, IPv4, IrCOMM, MKA, Modbus, MPEG Descriptor, MRCPv2, MSDP, MTP2, Nordic BLE, NVMe, OSPF, pcapng MIME, PMIPv6, Profinet I/O, RADIUS, SML, TCAP, TRANSUM, UA3G, UDP, VNC, and ZigBee

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