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FreeFileSync is a folder comparison and synchronization software that creates and manages backup copies of all your important files. Instead of copying every file every time, it determines the differences between a source and a target folder and transfers only the minimum amount of data needed.

Unique features

Synchronize folders on network shares and local drives
Synchronize mobile devices via MTP (Android, iPhone, tablet, digital camera)
Synchronize cloud storage via SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
Free FTP client: synchronize via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and FTPS (SSL/TLS)
Detect moved and renamed files and folders
Manage versions and keep a history of deleted/updated files
Compare and synchronize multiple files in parallel
Show drive space usage for a directory tree
Copy locked files (Volume Shadow Copy Service)
Detect conflicts and propagate deletions
Compare files by content
Configure handling of Symbolic Links
Automate sync as a batch job


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: FreeFileSync 10.7

: FreeFileSync_10.7_Windows_Setup.exe

: 15.3 MB

: Open Source

: 12-Dec-2018


: 4A74423E2CD974965A4D558B65993B1F

: Win7 32-bit / Win7 64-bit / Win8 32-bit / Win8 64-bit / Vista 32-bit / Vista 64-bit

- Resolve ambiguous paths in (S)FTP folder picker
- Fixed path alias check to not rely on volume serial
- Check already existing move target by ID instead of path
- Use native image conversion routines in installer
- Added base folder info for unresolved conflicts message
- Avoid silent failure when setting epoch modTime
- Fixed parsing locale with unexpected format
- Fixed RealTimeSync failing to start FreeFileSync batch
- Exclude failed item paths containing backslash in names
- Fixed RealTimeSync GUI distortion after drag & drop
- Support command arguments and exit code with launcher
- Consider UTF encoding when trimming long temp name during file copy

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