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Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows uses a unique, innovative dual-core design that uses both Webkit and Trident. Fast and efficient, our dual-core design displays all web pages quickly and reliably. With its first-place HTML 5 support and 'out of the box' features you can't get anywhere else


  • Cloud Push: Supports sending text, images, websites/links and tabs to Mac, Android and Windows operating systems.
  • Cloud Share: Supports sharing text, images, websites/links and files with friends.
  • Cloud Download: Supports downloading files in various formats and uploading them to 'My Cloud' for backup on any device.
  • Reader Mode: Makes it easy to view articles by adjusting font sizes and removing ads and other distractions.
  • Night Mode: Adjusts the brightness of the screen for low-light reading.
  • Magic Fill: Maxthon securely saves the names and passwords of websites you visit and then fills in that information when you return.
  • Ad Hunter: Maxthon removes advertisements with one click, and automatically blocks annoying pop-up windows.
  • Source Sniffer: Extract all photos, embedded videos and audio files from a web page and download them with one click.
  • Diverse selection of extensions for entertainment, information and social media are easy to install and manage with just one click.
  • Safe site technology identifies websites you are about to visit and lets you know if they are safe and secure , blocks malicious websites and phishing attempts for you, automatically.


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: Maxthon

: mx5.1.1.1000.exe

: 50.5 MB

: Freeware

: 30-Aug-2017


: 740074D6AB1481221EB085ECED8BA7BE

: Win7 32-bit / Win7 64-bit / Win8 32-bit / Win8 64-bit / Vista 32-bit / Vista 64-bit

> Functions optimized:
- Optimized the browser usage of memory
- Optimized the logic of automatically update on ABP filter rule.
- Optimized the Passkeeper SMS 2-step verification function experience
- Optimized the view local image function experience
- Optimized register and log in function experience
- Optimized Maxnote function experience
- Optimized browser's stability
- Optimized browsing experience of bank sites
- Optimized online video's broadcasting experience
> Bugs fixed :
- Fixed the issue of the hidden window will be showed if press F1 or ESC again after press F11 and hide the window.
- Fixed the issue of page blank when drag and move the last label before “more”on the left side screen on split mode.
- Fixed the issue of the new tab won' t showed when open the fifth tabs on browser in special scene.
- Fixed the issue of the dragged tag will be hidden when drag it on split mode.
- Fixed the issue of tag shake when dragging the tag from left to right on split mode.
- Fixed the issue of can't use the mouse to change on system task bar on maximization window under xpsp3 system.
- Fixed night mode' s blank Time Set display under unactivated account.
- Fixed the issue of sound still exist when change to the ultra mode and pause the video.
- Fixed the issue of open the notifications didn't activated browser and corresponding tabs under the special scene.
- Fixed the issue of message tips can't disappear when import the Maxnote data under special scene.
- Fixed the issue of Resource Sniffer’s list can not display completely under special cases
- Fixed the issue of the open tab can not close when cancel the split mode after open new tab on the right side in split mode
- Fixed the crashing issue for retro mode on individual websites
- Fixed the issue of waterfalls feed page can not drag down to load the next page when searching gif picture in Baidu.
- Fixed the page showed blank issue when export file by html form.
- Fixed the issue of theme will be auto-formed when write on 139 mailbox
- Fixed the issue of Youtube videos’ pop-up can't be paused.
- Fixed the issue of when playing audio at same time on split mode, only one side can be mute.
- Fixed the issue of Setting layer displayed abnormally after select and drag any font in the reading mode
- Fixed the issue of the automatically saved password form did not left-justified
- Fixed the issue of abnormal line wrap when editing account info and private content
- Fixed the issue of font blurry under 4k resolution monitor
- Fixed the issue of custom refresh settings are invalid when re-open the new tab after customized the refresh time of tab page
- Fixed the issue of the screenshot saved in BMP format can not open by Photoshop
- Fixed the issue of attributes window opened by right click does not support using mouse to select and copy
- Fixed the issue of notification on the top tight corner keeps showing “still importing” after the html import process is finished
- Fixed the issue of plugin still illustrates when re-open the browser after select “do not show plugins” in Settings

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